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Wishing for Non Smoking Days

Wishing for a non smoking day ahead?  It is not easy to conceive at the beginning of a smoking quit, that you can actually achieve this wish, but it is a matter of decisive action and nothing more.  Wishing for a new car, a new job or a new baby is something that most people try and succeed at, but a quit can be a hard process to find success.  It surely does not have to be that way, as a quit smoking pledge is more than wishing into the wind, it is a  new beginning, and actually an awareness that you are in fact a non smoker all along.

Wishing for a Non Smoking Day Ahead about your health, and finding that you are not as healthy or as sure about your future as you would like as a smoker, is a hard place to be.  For sure, the addiction of nicotine is a tricky part of this solution, but keep your mind away from your decision.  Logic will enforce your wishing soul into action, as nicotine only stays in your body for up to 10 days.  After that, it isn’t the chemical, it is gone, it is your complex and non helpful mind creating the void of a smoking brain.  The best way to describe this is, is you are wishing for a non smoking life, and you begin to see that you may only wish about it. The obstacle is too high for you to achieve.  But don’t let that part of your mind lose the hope.  The wishing is not just a fairy tale, it is actually the first step in your quit!

Wishing for a Quit

Quitting smoking is a thought at first, and then eventually a commitment.  You begin to take each day one at at time, working through the chemical addiction.  Don’t let the thoughts of chemical addiction become lost with your smoking mind.    When you are wishing for a non smoking life, you are beginning on a new path.  Take up the task with enthusiasm and hope.  Try the wishing part with your loved ones, and see if they can help you with some great motivation.  Find a time in your day to see the wish of being the non smoker you know you are, and envision it.  Don’t let your sneaky smoking brain dissuade you from the quit, or the start of the quit.

Wishing outlasts the smoking brain

Eventually, your wishing brain will out strip your smoking brain with reason and calm.  It does take some time, and some power on your part.  It is not easy to encompass and see your wishing brain thrust into reality.  But it can happen.  With the constant force of you envisioning your wishing brain as a non smoker, the non smoker you already are, this can become your new awareness.  Sometimes a friend who has done this can be a real positive motivator, and sometimes a fully engulfed smoker friend can help you see the health risks of smoking.  For once, allow your self to find wishing for your quit to come true.