Garish pictures and stories never work

Being a smoker, you know what I am speaking of, the terrible pictures of people who have missing jaw lines, horrible teeth, ugly photos of the burial plot, and even brown lungs. The photos of these eventual results of smoking, do not help smokers quit. It only makes them smoke more.

Why? It is truly a logical approach to help smokers, but really, it only stresses a smoker out more. Have you felt like you needed to smoke more, when you saw these pictures or heard these stories? Of course you did!

The reasons are part of your long term progression to becoming a non-smoker. The stress you feel, is part of the stress of even considering a quit. It is a powerful stop for most smokers. The panic feeling, the sweaty palms, the reality that it really could happen, make most smokers really scared, and unsure if they can do this.

Become a Non-smoker Once again when Your Quit is Solid

Do not quit.  I am here to tell you, you can smoke as much as you want, until you can beat this real feeling of panic and stress.  You can even smoke more, if that helps.  I want you to make sure you smoke.  OK?

Now, next step, is realize that your smokes, pipe or chew is really available, and you do not have to worry about it disappearing.  You have some time to work through the emotions of your quit.  It is going to be important that you do not make your cigarettes or nicotine form become powerful or valuable to you.  Make sure you understand that you have it, and it is there for you.  You are not losing anything.

Whew.  Now, we can begin the process of thinking about the reality of your new life ahead.  It is not a stop, not a end, but a beginning!  Truly, there are two addictions you must work through, the nicotine addiction and the beliefs you have built by being a smoker.  The nicotine addiction is strong at first, but even larger, is how you justify smoking.

In order to quit, you need to really want to quit, and to begin a new life.  Until you do, keep smoking.  You will get there eventually!

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