Quit Smoking Now and Forever with Love

When you are considering your quit smoking pledge, you will need to consider your life now and how you envision it in the future for you to begin success with your quit, and actually quit smoking now.  Not only do you need to envision and reflect, but those who love you need to help you see the future ahead and ponder the past with clarity.  Often, we remember our past and see our present in a very different way than our loved ones have experienced these moments in time.

Love can conquer all and lead you towards your day to Quit Smoking Now

Quit Smoking Now with Help from Your Love

Why not bring your friends and family into your quit smoking pledge?  They will keep you comforted during your time of change and bring you forward into your new future so that you find your feet during the change of lifestyle.  There is no reason to hide from those that you love, as they will be so honored to find time to bring you stories, memories and photos of the time you were a non-smoker.  When you were little, and you had the world in your grasp, before nicotine had fought to capture you, you had life leading you in a happy and positive new way.  All of these experiences have been lost to your smoking days.  When you recapture those memories, you can get them back and push your future into the direction you are entitled to live.  There is no reason you need to continue your smoking days, when you have made the decision to quit smoking now.

Listen to your families stories, and envision yourself as you were, when you were actually a non-smoker.  You were not born a smoker, so those days before your smoking, were different.  Imagine waking up, not having one thought about what you had to do, just a wide array of choices, of fun and creative things you may want to try and do.  Your life was just beginning, and you could be anything!  Your education was just beginning in life, and you could try to become anything that looked good to you.  The days were open, and you were not stuck with being caught up in smoking.

Another way to envision yourself as a non-smoker, is find a picture of yourself before you began smoking.  You can see from the picture, all the things that you were before you began your dance with nicotine.  Your mind was not captured by the constant need to fill the nicotine monster, but you were able to always see the new things you may want to try, and pursue as a happy person.  The smoker in you is unable to move forward quickly, as you are constantly having to break for nicotine, keep cigarettes in supply, and fill your smoking need.

Quit Smoking Now not Later

Relying on those you love, and who love you, can be a great way to envision that yes, you were indeed a non-smoker.  Now, take a present day picture, you as a compulsive smoker, and  compare this view to the non-smoker you were.  The fact is, the longer you smoke, the more you are moving in a destructive path for your life goals.  Begin again, and commit yourself to quit smoking now, and do it today!  Don’t set a date, take the plunge and you will be so glad you did find your strength, and quit smoking now versus later when life has passed you by!

Your time has come to Quit Smoking Now

I sometimes think a planned date can begin you into your smoking quit, but when you are really ready, why wait for a date?  It is silly when you have committed to yourself, and found your non-smoking brain once again.  The day is really not going to be the same for everyone, and sometimes, you have a start non-smoking epiphany on the last moment of the day, and decide then and there you are once again a non-smoker!

The reason the quit works in this case, is you have the resolution to make your quit smoking now decision a reality.

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