Will Chantix Help Your Quit Smoking Pledge?

You hear from your friends, family and doctor that Chantix can help your quit smoking pledge, but will Chantix Help you with quit smoking?  Isn’t it like a substitute, which will just be another drug and crutch in your smoking?  Or do you think it will really be effective, and you are ready to try it?  It is effective for most, and it makes sense for many reasons.

Will Chantix Help Your Cravings

The chantix drug works by stopping the pleasure feelings your brain creates when you smoke, and the answer is yes it will help your cravings.  Craving a cigarette is close to craving fatty or sweet food, a gambling bet, a shopping excursion, or a drug that you are addicted to.  It is a craving that you can’t shake, and one that always results in another puff.  It is a section of your brain, that has become addicted to nicotine, but also, finds nicotine pleasurable.  The reality is, when you turn off this pleasure center, and start a new path of blocking nicotine from being the pleasure center in your brain, your cravings will disappear to a degree.  The physical part of your smoking craving is defined by your brain’s receptors.  In this way, will chantix help your cravings?  The answer is yes it will help.

Will Chantix Help My Food Addictions

One reason that people seem to not want to quit smoking, is they believe that they will substitute the craving of a smoke for a craving of sweet or salty food.  It is fairly common, but most new non-smokers, are not craving foods, just a new pleasure to satiate the pleasure parts of your brain. When you are on Chantix, you have satiated the pleasure receptors, so you will feel no real urgency to start eating instead of smoking.  The pleasure of addiction is quite solved, or at least goes from an urgency of a 10 to a 3 or 4.  You still will have memory cravings, but these are not physical cravings.

Will Chantix Help My Moods

One reason you are moody as a smoker, is the constant yin and yang of thinking about not having a smoke.  It is really a bummer lifestyle, as you are constantly having to experience panic over running out of smoking, or not finding a lighter.  The ups and downs are really hard for anyone to manage with your constant emotional ups and downs as well.  Moody feelings are helped by Chantix, because you see that your physical need to appease the pleasure gods is managed, and you have supplies of the drug to do this on a constant basis.  At the beginning, you are a managed non-moody person, because you are on a managed state of not feeling deprived of physical pleasure reception.  It is silly, but it works.

Will Chantix help your smoking cessation plan succeed?  Only you and your doctor can decide if Chantix is right for you, and your quit smoking pledge.  Find out by visiting your doctor to see if you can realize a new life, a new way forward, and your own quit smoking medication path.  Will Chantix help can only be answered by you, the new non-smoker.

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